From Copiers to Corporate Success: How Paul Orfalea Overcame his Dyslexia and How You Can Too!

Paul Orfalea, the founder of Kinko’s, has never learned to use the photo copiers that bring millions of customers each year into his $2 billion empire.

Why not? He is restless, a poor reader, and cannot get bogged down in minutia. In other words, he has dyslexia.

Orfalea’s learning disabilities made school very difficult, including expulsion from several schools, he says, in an interview with Ability Magazine. But with the support of his parents and a dream to run his own business, he began to see his differences as “opportunities.” He made it through college, and opened his first storefront in California with a single photocopier next to a hamburger stand.

As Kinko’s grew, Orfalea accommodated for his dyslexia by asking coworkers to communicate with him via voicemail, and his restlessness forced employees to focus and get straight to the point, propelling business forward.

The result was a leading office supply and business services company that was sold to Fed Ex for $2.4 billion in 2003, making Orfalea and his backers very rich.

Orfalea’s success is an inspiration to us at Big Tent Jobs. Our goal is to help the next Paul Orfalea or Richard Branson get the job he or she deserves, regardless of his or her learning disabilities.

We work with hiring managers who realize that whatever challenges you navigate on a daily basis make you capable of being an extraordinary asset to your employer. Our focus is on finding the technical talent — IT people, engineers, accountants, etc. and placing them in industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology (IT), Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Health Care, Professional Services, and Government Contracting.

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