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Aspie Builds Leading IT Company – Uses Asperger’s Syndrome as a Strength

Bram Cohen, the co-founder of BitTorrent, a leading file sharing and distribution system, acknowledged in an interview to that his Asperger’s Syndrome manifests itself in a “general missing skill set of being able to read faces, and being able to express thoughts on one’s own face properly.”

But, far more importantly for his clients, Asperger’s has also made him a great software programmer. “I tend to get obsessed with technical problems, and have a very long attention span, which are obviously good traits for being a programmer,” he said in the interview.

The gifts and the strengths that come with Cohen’s Asperger’s have turned BitTorrent into the premier content delivery method on the Internet, with hundreds of millions of users, and have earned Cohen the title of an innovator who has forever changed the Internet, generating comparisons to other pioneers such as Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.

Cohen says his co-workers quickly figured him out, and he has been part of countless collaborative efforts that have borne fruit.

Cohen illustrates that a disability is not necessarily is not a liability, and that it can actually be an asset in the workplace for a multitude of jobs.  There are many jobs especially in the IT field, that are perfectly suited for candidates with Asperger’s syndrome as well any many other physical or mental disabilities.

At Big Tent Jobs, our goal is to help the most qualified candidate get the job he or she deserves, regardless of his or her Asperger’s Syndrome or other disability/chronic conditions.  BigTentJobs is Committed to Placing our clients in the best job he or she deserves.

We work with hiring managers who realize that your genius is what makes you an extraordinary asset to the company.

Companies in industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology (IT), Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Health Care, Professional Services, and Government Contracting are hiring people with Asperger’s Syndrome every day as IT professionals, engineers, accountants, managers, sales people, marketers, and much more.

Submit your resume today to Big Tent Jobs.  Together, we will help you achieve your professional dreams!

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