Deaf IBM’er Leads the Way on Speech Recognition

“It is very important that when companies or universities communicate with people with disabilities, that they focus attention on their abilities. There are a lot of skills disabled people develop specifically because they are good in different environments. There are challenges that normal people did not have. They develop creativity and imagination, and if companies hire them, they can provide a lot of ways to help the company advance and be very competitive.”

So says IBM mathematician Dimitri Kavensky, who was recently honored at the White House for his innovations in speech recognition technology, in an interview he gave to

Kavensky’s inventions have resulted in some of the many accessibility options for deaf and hard-of-hearing employees, making it easier than ever for companies to hire the approximately 36 million American adults who report some hearing loss.

With the right support in place, deaf candidates can excel in a dynamic work environment. Consider that many entrepreneurs, entertainers, politicians, and business leaders are deaf, including Kavensky, and Louis J. Schwarz, the founder of the first Deaf-owned financial advisory firm in the U.S.

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